About Us
Mac Phone Repair Inc is located in midtown New York in the U.S. that specialise in repairing Smartphones, Tablets, Computers and more. Who offer a fast and friendly approach to customers.

Whether you need the parts to complete your own D.I.Y repair or would like us to facilitate a repair for you, rest assured Mac Phone Repair is your best option. Remaining dedicated to providing our customers with superior quality parts, by using only the highest grade parts. The high quality parts we sell to our customers are the same parts we use for our own repairs.

Here at Mac Phone Repair we believe there is no better testament to the true quality, than the positive feedback of satisfied customers. The repair processes, ensure most repairs are completed to the highest standard, whilst maintaining the manufacturer’s original feel and functionality.

The positive feedback and referrals generated by our customers inspire us to become one of the leading repair sites in the US.

We are so confident that we will meet your expectations that our commitment is backed with 180 days unconditional guarantee on most work done.

1441 Broadway Ste 5049, New York, NY 10018
(646) 569-5591

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